Data Driven Targeting

Use what you know about each viewer to automatically show him or her high performing, relevant ads

Rekket is the house of Data

Whether you are an agency, a marketer or a publisher you can make use of our data warehouse to help optimize future media buys and to create ads. It’s all about better understanding of your customers.

1º & 3° Party Data

Through our DMP gain access to consistent, accurate and timely data about your properties’ users, customers and visitors.

Expand your reach to more people interested in your topics. Rely on Rekket’s curated data from top tier data aggregators and publishers to better segmentate your audience's buying.

Retargeting + DCO

When a user visits a site and views an specific product, that product, its image’s, pricing, descriptions and targeting are compiled on Rekket's platform to prepare every possible ad combination. Dynamic ads deliver products and offers that are directly based on the user's specific tastes which optimises the best performing ad for each person.

Retargeting + frequency + recency

Each campaign has it’s own Recency and Frequency setting for optimal ROI. Our platform will discover this for you learning from your past campaigns and it will improve over time.

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