Access more than 90% of Iinternet users from one single source

Demand Side Platform

Rekket's DSP is plugged into every major ad company in the world to expose opportunities that match your goals.
These audiences are audited by Rekket's innovative technology, measures the ROI based on your goals, This gets you more of what you need, and excludes everything that you don't.
The result: Rekket gets all the Opportunities, Optimises and Iterates.



Personalized retargeting uses basic information pulled from the user’s browser to display advertisements. The items that appear in each user’s display ad are unique to each user and reflect products that the user previously viewed on a website. Users will certainly tend to come back to the web site.

No Bounce

Optimize the quality of the audience through visits sources, considering the user's time spent on the site. This unique technology is Rekket's exclusive property and works through any internet traffic provider you use. It also works for mobile, display and video.

Dynamic Creatives

Integrate your offers in our system and power sales by showing the right set of products to your customers. Strengthen the match between the ad’s content and your customers interests by using historic performance and conversion data. Your ads will be live ads. Our engine will show your product to the right customersto boost your results.

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