Rekket announces launch of Square

A demand side platform for programmatic ads

Buenos Aires, April 1, 2015 -- Rekket, a leading Latin American company specializing in programmatic advertising and online marketing, announces the launching of Square, a Demand Side Platform used for the purchasing of programmatic advertisements on mobile devices that is capable of optimizing campaigns over diverse measures such as clicks, conversions, amount of time on site and amount of time for video displays. Square allows the user the ability to reach the desired target more efficiently.

Square is connected to more than 43 SSP (Supply Side Platforms) in Latin America and the the rest of the world, allowing it to reach practically any person being exposed to any mobile advertisement. Julia Buján, Chief Business Development Officer of Rekket, stated that “it’s not only the amount of connections and predictive technology, but rather the variety of formats, IAB, native and RichMedia that Square manages, which gives us a step up in campaign performance”.

In regard to numbers, Square is exposed to 12 billion impression requests on mobile devices. Diego Gonzalez Marignac, COO of Rekket adds, “Square gave us an enormous amount of information to be able to spot trends and understand where our advertisers’ campaigns are making a difference.” Restating Alan Kay he explains, “the people who take programmatic advertising seriously, should build their own DSP”.

Square offers Real Time Bidding, a ROI tracker, big data analysis, and an optimization engine. It currently promotes performance campaigns, branding, app installations and app engagement for Rekket.

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About Rekket

Rekket is a digital media company focused on programmatic trading in Latin America with operations in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and USA.